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Happy St David’s Day

I love old photographs, I have a box load of photographs and slides that I am working my way through, scanning and uploading, a box full of memories.

Some of them bring back memories of my childhood, most of them are from way before I was born, images of my family and ancestors when they themselves were children, young adults, getting married etc..

History has always been an integral part of who I am, in fact it is a family ‘thing’ both my brothers are history teachers, and very good at it I must say! I love to explore the past and have been researching my family tree for some years now, this brings me great satisfaction, but it also makes you realise that times were tough back then, there were many physical and mental obstacles in life and how they were dealt with shaped lives, relationships and family.

This is my nan, Bessie.

Happy St David’s Day

































She was born Bessie Clark, in Abersychan, Monmouthshire in 1914. The youngest girl in a family of six, her brothers all worked down the mines, life was tough for them all. At the age of 14 my nan was sent to London to work as a nursemaid/domestic to a family. I never heard my nan talk about her childhood life,  she told someone once that they were hard times and she didn’t want to even think about them. However, my nan spoke fondly of the family that she went to work for in London.

Bessie married a farmer, Harold, who she met whilst working at an agricultural college. They had six children and worked hard all their life, trying to overcome the trappings of their past.

I love this image of nan, it shows at a time of new possibilities, she is beautiful and timeless, I see the nan I knew long after this photograph was taken.

These are my memories 🙂

watching her make Welsh cakes on her griddle; eating those cakes; pink wafer biscuits in her biscuit tin; watching her skip with my skipping rope whilst well into her 70’s; sitting in her garden shelling peas; Sunday afternoon trips to the garden centre and getting a bag of sweets; watching the wrestling; the dolly toilet roll cover; going to work with her one day to pick brussels sprouts; my mum’s paintings hung up in her house; making phone calls and popping the phone money in the tin; mellow birds coffee.

Treasure those old photographs, one day they will mean so much more 🙂

Now, I will go and make Welsh Cakes!

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